Intuitive Tools for Freelancing Retirees

  • By PGi

You’ve planned for years, you’ve worked hard and now you’re enjoying the freedom of retired life. Whether your dream is to see the world, pursue a new hobby or simply relax, becoming a retiree is the beginning of an exciting new life chapter.

However, the challenges of living on a fixed income, the desire to continue feeling productive and the drive to stay mentally engaged have led an increasing number of retirees to turn to secondary careers as freelancers or consultants after they reach retirement. Freelancing, in particular, allows retirees to continue contributing their hard-earned skills and experience while enjoying a more flexible, less rigorous schedule.

There are a variety of easy-to-use, integrated and intuitive tools that can make freelancing easier and more efficient for retirees. Online, collaborative note-taking and document-sharing applications, virtual meeting tools and to-do list apps give retirees the freedom and flexibility to fit a secondary career into their new lifestyle.


Evernote is a cloud-based, online note-taking service accessible through the web or your mobile device. Evernote syncs your notes across all of these access points, making it an ideal way to manage information while working the flexible and unpredictable hours of a freelancer or consultant. Taking your notes and files online gives you the freedom to shed the traditional home office; you no longer have to maintain file cabinets or keep office supplies handy to stay productive.

For freelancers who still have an appreciation for pen and paper, Evernote has several products that help marry the physical world to the digital one. Its Moleskine notebook and a recently announced partnership with Post-It allow you to take physical notes and easily transform them into digital ones for virtual collaboration and effortless information sharing.


There can be several obstacles for retirees when it comes to managing the hectic schedule and multiple meetings that freelancers often face. Whether it’s challenging logistics or simply fitting it into your existing schedule, it can be difficult to meet with scattered clients and foster a solid freelance workload.

Luckily, cloud-based collaboration tools like iMeet can help solve all of these issues. iMeet offers face-to-face online meetings through your web browser or mobile device, letting you meet your clients virtually in an intuitive online environment without having to leave the comfort of your home. And iMeet’s slick, modern interface can help marry your years of knowledge and experience with the latest in cloud technologies.

By taking your consulting or freelance meetings online, you can maintain your new second career, without it interfering with your existing travel plans.

While your work responsibilities may be behind you, that doesn’t mean you’re lacking things to do in retired life. A simple, intuitive way to keep track of your plans and any freelancing or consulting assignments is essential to keep your new-found lifestyle efficient and stress-free. is a to-do list app for your smartphone that is praised for its intuitive mobile design. It includes easy task entry, reminders and notes to keep you organized without overwhelming you with unnecessary features. Best of all, it comes with a feature called Moment, a daily reminder that lets you schedule and postpone tasks for the day quickly and easily. Think of it as your new personal assistant for retired life.

All of these apps are simple to learn, intuitive to use and allow you to focus on pursuing a rewarding freelancing career without the stress and organizational burdens associated with a full-time position. After all, you’ve work hard for your retirement, but you can reap the financial, mental and emotional rewards of a freelancing or consulting position more easily and efficiently with the right tools at hand.

Josh Erwin is a blogger for PGi, meeting experts and providers of video conferencing and collaboration software solutions. Josh explores technology trends and their impact on consumers and companies of all sizes. For more on the benefits and challenges of successful telecommuting, download “The Yin + Yang of Telecommuting,” a free eBook from PGi.

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