Keeping Up With Car Seat Recalls

Hundreds of products are recalled each year for a variety of reasons, and many times those recalls include car seats.  Some car seats just need a repair kit or a replacement part.  Others may need to be retired for good. Keeping up with car seat recalls is easy and can keep your kids safe.

Every family with one or more children has car seats.  From infant seats, convertible car seats, and booster seats, you inevitably own several as your child grows.  During the life of a car seat there is always the possibility that a seat will suffer a recall.  Many parents are unaware there has been a recall with their car seat.  There are a few ways to stay on top of these important safety updates:

  • Subscribe to the car seat recall email notification list. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has an Email Notification System.  When there is a new child restraint recall, you will receive an email letting you know.  This is a great way to stay one step ahead and have any recalled seat problems fixed quickly.
  • Submit the registration card that comes with your car seat’s documentation. Every car seat you purchase should come with a registration card or online registration information.  Submitting this information to the manufacturer is helpful because if there is a recall or problem with the seat you registered, you should receive a letter in the mail or an email alerting you.
  • Search the database for older seats to check for past recalls, especially if you have an older model. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a searchable database that allows parents and caregivers to check whether a seat they already own, or are considering purchasing, has been recalled.  The recalled seat listings include the reason for the recall and steps you can take to have the issue corrected.

Keep up with car seat recalls is a good habit to get into to ensure the safety of your children, especially with all the holiday traveling coming up.  But, it is also important to make sure your seats are always installed correctly and that they are maintained to make sure they are providing the maximum amount of protection. has a great page of resources to help you brush up on height and weight limits, as well as when it is appropriate to graduate a child to a booster.

It is also a good idea to look into getting a proper seat check periodically or before a long car trip. You can find a Car Seat Check-Up Event near you through, or you can search on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations website for a Car Seat Inspection Station in your area.  Both can provide you with an inspection and usage tips from a Certified Technician.

A few easy steps and you can travel safely this season with a little less stress. Now you just have to untangle those holiday lights.

Katherine Scoleri is the creator of, a site where parents can go to find what they need to make educated and informed decisions.