Keys to Successful Corporate Presentations

05486718 business team laptop.JPGCorporations receive presentations every day from hopeful suppliers.  Whether you have been invited to submit additional information or are  taking a chance with a mass mailing, what are the key components that  will make your corporate presentation stand out?

The Format: I receive many attractive and well done  paper submissions that clearly reflect an investment of time and money  by prospective suppliers. However, a PowerPoint attached to an email or a  DVD is more likely to be reviewed. If I see a presentation I would like  to share with others, electronic copies are more convenient; I can  forward the corporate presentation to colleagues and keep a copy for  myself.

For certain types of suppliers, I find DVD-formatted corporate  presentations especially effective. For example, if you are in training,  the DVD can provide live clips of your presentation skills. If you are  in advertising, showing a commercial you recently produced is an  effective way to catch the attention of a corporation.

About a week after your submission, calling to confirm receipt is a  good idea; make sure to ask if your presentation was on point for that  corporation’s needs.

The Content: But no matter the presentation format,  it is the content that really counts. Make sure your content speaks to  the products and services the corporation needs to grow their business.  My August blog Five Best and Worst Approaches When Contacting a Corporation gives additional suggestions to optimize your presentation.

A Final Point: Many suppliers send gifts of food and  other incentive items as a follow-up to their presentation and during  the holiday season. Before sending even the smallest token of  appreciation, take time to find out that firm’s gift policy. Many  corporations have very strict policies on any type of gift: If a gift is  received, no matter how small, it will be returned. So play it safe,  check the corporate website or ask before your gift goes in the mail,  and focus your energy on creating a standout presentation that will  hopefully earn you the chance to compete for business.

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