Kids Emergency Preparedness

Link Roundup: Kids’ Emergency Preparedness

Disasters can strike without warning. But advance planning and preparation can improve your resilience against them!

In honor of National Preparedness Month, we’ve put together a roundup of links on emergency preparedness for kids. Use these resources and feel more confident that, even if an emergency hits and you’re not around – at work, or otherwise –  you can empower your children and help them be better prepared.

General tips for moms and dads:

Disaster Planning Advice from the Survival Mom

Survival Mom

A former teacher and suburban mother of two, Lisa Bedford is a blogger known as The Survival Mom. Read our Q&A with Lisa, where she encourages a calm, common-sense approach to planning for uncertainty.

Beyond the Basics: Emergency Items to Keep in Your Purse  

You don’t have to load up to feel prepared. This list of unusual emergency items gives you a way to pack light, but smart.

Teach kids how to be resilient:

 4 Survival Skills Every Kid Should Know

Emergencies aren’t always widespread. The survival skills that are more likely to keep our kids safe are actually far more mundane than what people might think, this blogger says.

Make a family emergency plan:

Learn and Remember Your Personal Information | Sesame Street

Sesame Street’s Grover and Rosita characters help your little ones learn their personal info: There’s a drawing exercise to practice their address, lyrics to help put their name to song, and a tracing exercise to practice dialing phone numbers.

Family Emergency Plan Template For Kids |

This guide speaks directly to kids and features a printable emergency contact sheet to store in a backpack (or load into a phone), along with activities to identify emergency meeting spots and alternative emergency exits from every area of a home.

Communicate in DisasterHow to Communicate With Loved Ones in a Disaster

Major emergencies can make normal lines of communication nearly  impossible. This post culls tips from the FCC, with specific action steps (like creating an emergency list in your cell phone) that you can ask your children to do right now.

Work with kids to build a kit:

Disaster Preparedness Activity Book | Disney + American Red Cross

Disney and the Red Cross teamed up on this activity book, which not only has a section on building an emergency kit but loads more preparedness advice featuring Mickey and friends. A printable safety certificate gives kids a feeling of accomplishment once they’ve worked through all the fun.

“Build a Kit” Game | built a game where you join the characters in gathering supplies needed for an emergency. When kids are done, they’re advised to print out an emergency kit checklist

How to reduce kids’ fears in an emergency:

Helping Kids Cope With Disaster | FEMA

In a disaster, kids will typically look to adults for help. FEMA offers sound advice on common reactions to stress and how to spot risk factors that might indicate more severe distress. The section also includes suggestions to help reassure kids after an emergency.

If you only read one thing:  

FEMA for Kids

FEMA offers kid-friendly web pages with games, stories, puzzles and videos. Underneath all the fun is a good informative site that covers the basics of FEMA’s emergency preparedness mantra: Make a Plan; Build a Kit; Know the Facts.


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