Life Insurance Can Provide Peace of Mind

I had not considered purchasing life insurance for myself until two years ago. As a thirty-three year old woman who had lived a healthy life so far, I did not see the need. I believed that life insurance was something I would need to buy when I became “middle-aged.” I live a pretty simple life – I do not participate in risky activities, I receive annual physicals, and I exercise.

In January 2009, I rear-ended another car while I was traveling at approximately 40 miles per hour. I admit that I took my eyes off the road for a split second (and no, I was not texting). When I looked back ahead of me, I barely had time to react. A split-second was all the time needed for me to completely crush the other car’s back end. Thankfully, both the other driver and I were wearing our seatbelts. We walked away without any injuries. We were extremely lucky. Although I did not receive a scratch or a bruise, I was a wreck emotionally. What if the situation had been worse? What if I had been killed that morning? I read about fatal car accidents all the time in the newspaper. That could easily have been me. I had a husband and young daughter at home to consider. Regardless of the fact that they would have lost their wife and mother, my loss of income would have made things more difficult for them. My husband would have the burden of funeral costs, paying for bills as a sole provider, and supporting my daughter’s future education. My accident was an awakening for me. I had always considered myself a “planner” in life and I realized that life insurance was something that I had completely neglected. I needed to stop being naïve and be realistic. I needed to plan for the possibility of life throwing my family a massive curveball. It was at this point that I purchased life insurance for myself. I then increased the amount of my life insurance plan after the birth of my son last year. In the event that something happens to me (perish the thought), I certainly do not want to add to my husband’s struggles with managing two children on his own. Despite the anxiety that I still feel now while driving and flying on planes, I feel a sense of relief and peace of mind that I have taken a necessary step to help my husband and children. I can breathe a little easier knowing that funeral costs could be provided for and my children should have the means to receive an education. Life insurance will help relieve my family of financial burden and allow them to focus on simply being a family.
Kim is a guest blogger from Tidbits From A Mom. In exchange for sharing this content, the Allstate Community has compensated her via cash payment.