College Summer Break

5 Ways to Make Your College Summer Break Productive

After a full academic year of intense study, and one last push through final exams, most college students can’t wait for summer break. Thoughts of days that don’t require study, fun with family and friends, and perhaps, plans for travel fill the minds of those ready for a few months of relaxation.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a college student spending the summer months idle; however, it’s possible to make a college summer break an industrious time—full of productivity.  Here are five great ways you can maximize the value of your summer break:

Land a solid internship that is worth its weight in gold.

With the economy continuing in “recovery” mode and persistently high unemployment rates, recent college graduates have encountered difficulties in getting hired due to a lack of experience. Landing an internship in a field related to your major or career aspiration may separate you from the pack. In some cases, after graduation, the company may even offer you a full-time position.

Donate your time to enhance the lives of others.

Charitable organizations are always looking for positive and energetic individuals to contribute their time and talents. Giving your time to a charity will likely be a part-time commitment where you can still make a noteworthy impact in the lives of others, and gain experience working with an organization. Further, it can be a place where you can develop useful contacts; most non-profit advisory boards are full of individuals who are well-connected in the business world.

Earn some extra cash while gaining work experience.

Search for seasonal job options that can provide a respectable source of income for the summer months. You will gain valuable work experience that may benefit you when it comes time for your post-graduation job search; plus, saving these earnings can provide you with cash reserves that could be used as a recreational fund for the next academic year.

Conduct research now to make your life better later.

Many college graduates will be responsible for paying back varying amounts of student loans. According to a report from the Institute for College Access & Success’ Project on Student Debt, the average college senior will graduate with nearly $27,000 in debt. By reaching out to your school’s financial aid office and embarking on a thorough research quest, you might be able to lower the expected amount owed. Each year, new grants, programs and scholarship opportunities are being offered. It’s very possible that you could lower your student loan amounts with research and diligence.

Take on the project you’ve been putting off.

The school year likely keeps your schedule full, leaving you little time to focus on the activities, projects, and hobbies that enrich you as a person. The focus of your college experience is to grow academically, but also flourish personally. Use the break from full schedules and studying to put in some hours with your favorite activity or overdue task.

Maybe this means spending the time on your bicycle checking out some new trails, or getting your dorm room organized (with a system in place to keep it that way). Make a list of all of the things you put off when school is in session and select a few that will improve your life.

However you choose to spend your college summer break, make it something that is meaningful and beneficial to you. Once you move back to campus in the fall, you’ll be refreshed and ready for the semester. As you graduate and enter the job market, the chance that you will have such a significant span of time to focus may become slimmer. Take full advantage of your final years of college by seeking treasured experiences that you will never forget.

What is your favorite productive way to spend college break? Have you done any of these activities over your summer break? Let us know below in the comments section.

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