Make Moving Day Less Maddening [part 2]

[continued from part 1]

Most people are simply under prepared and overwhelmed for moving day. There are many things to juggle when you move, but hopefully these tips will help keep you sane:

#3 Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Are you one of many that find moving maddening? It certainly can be if you are overwhelmed and try to tackle the transition alone. Your friends may moan and groan at the mention of “moving” but proper incentives could turn transition into laughter and bonding.  I have helped one friend move on three occasions. Each transition was accompanied by the promise of food, fuel reimbursement, and the occasional beverage of choice. Don’t be afraid to ask for help during one of life’s most stressful events.

#4 Do your research. Will your grand piano fit through the door or will it need to be carried upstairs? Does your cable/internet/phone provider offer aid when moving? Can you get a floor plan of the new location and pre-arrange your belongings? No one can be too prepared for what lies ahead during a move. Trust me your helpers will be relieved when there is a seamless transition.

#5 Child/teen transition. It’s not often easy for kids to adjust to sudden changes in their routine especially if that change affects friends and new environments. Do your research and plan as much as possible for the sake of your children. Communicate with them as often and with enough prior notice as possible to prepare them for the upcoming transition. Take a trip to the new place and try to find new things, new potential friends, hangouts and attractions too. The National Network for Child Care have excellent tips for getting your family through moving and life changes – Understanding Children:  Moving to a New Home.

#6 Pet transition. Animals can be sensitive to stress and may require a little time to adjust. New smells, new scenery, and new hiding spots are to be found. Be completely prepared to retrain certain habits because pets may not recognize your new home as home for a couple of weeks. Before you move make sure you have a current photo of your pet and all appropriate documentation as well. During the hustle and bustle of moving your pet may run away or get lost and this documentation will come in handy.

There are many things to consider when moving, but with our advice and a bit of planning you’re sure to reduce the stress moving can bring. What helps you make it through moving day?