Changing Your Name in Chicago: The New Bride’s Checklist

After planning a wedding, you’ve likely become a details expert. From tallying your guests, to getting out the invites, to name-change-logo-smallseat assignments, there’s a lot of minutiae that goes into getting married, and it doesn’t end after you’ve said “I do.”

If you’ve opted to change your name, your to-do list just got a little longer. To keep it simple, we’ve mapped out everything you need to know to officially change your name in Chicago, Cook County and Illinois. Your marriage may already be official; here’s how to make your new name official, too.

Download and print the Chicago name-change checklist to get started.

Download (PDF, 794KB)

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Nicole Markle
Nicole Markle produces financial, small business and identity restoration content for The Allstate Blog and's Tools & Resources section, as well as family content for Allstate Good Life.

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