New life-saving insights gained from formerly lifeless data

More than 70 scientific studies have shown that stronger teen driving laws can reduce teen crashes by up to 40 percent – an important and valuable finding. Saving young lives on the road has been an Allstate Foundation priority since 2005; we know the research well. But, hidden inside the data was a more compelling story capable of transforming how the public looked at the issue. Buried within the existing research were facts and figures that could help put a face on the epidemic of teen driving fatalities and project the value of legislation in ways the public could easily appreciate.

Experts at the National Safety Council, in partnership with The Allstate Foundation, took a closer look at the mountains of existing data and determined that if every state adopted comprehensive graduated driver licensing laws, more than 2,000 lives and $13.6 billion could be saved each year. In addition, the numbers of lives and dollars saved were sorted by state to make the data more relevant to families, media outlets and lawmakers. The “License to Save Report” was distributed to media outlets and legislators across the nation in December. In less than a month, the report generated more than 700 media articles reaching more than 70 million readers.

“Sometimes we look at research data merely as a set of scientific values and fail to see the important human story underneath the numbers,” said Vicky Dinges, vice president of public social responsibility at Allstate. “NSC’s diligent work uncovered persuasive information that will help change the teen driving conversation for years.”

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