Not So Namaste: Car Yoga Turns Out to Be a Bad Idea [VIDEO]

In the premiere episode of our video series “The UnReal Adventures of Ted & Traci,” we highlight a common problem faced by many drivers: too much to do and too little time.

Traci is trying to juggle a busy schedule, and while driving to pick up her daughter Maddie, she realizes she won’t have time for her yoga class. In a moment of (misguided) inspiration, she tries to multitask during her commute, resulting in a clear case of distracted driving and a car in need or repairs.

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Transcription: “‘Om’ on the Road”
Traci [while driving]: Noon already?!
I have so much to do before I get Maddie at the sitter.
I have to drop off Ted’s dry cleaning, buy groceries and get a haircut.
There’s no way I’ll make it to my yoga class.
Unless …
Plank …
Downward-facing dog…
Warrior two …car
Wheel …
<< Sound effect: CRASH >>
Traci [on crashed car]:  Ohh, not so Namaste.
Voiceover: Exercise Smart Judgment

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