car seat safety
A baby sitting in a rear facing car seat. Photo by: Raelene Gutierrez via Flickr via Flickr CC BY 2.0

Phoenix Officials: Average Child’s Car Seat Lasts 5 Years

If you’re a new parent, ready to take your new bundle of joy home from the hospital, you’re excited nervous and—no doubt—tired. Before you install your car seat, consider that according to the City of Phoenix, four out of every five child car seats are installed incorrectly, and more than one-third of children use the wrong restraint for their size and age.

The Phoenix Fire Department discourages used child safety seats because they have the potential for sun damage, cracks or missing parts. In fact, they say the average life of a car seat in Arizona is about five years.

If you’re unsure about the installation or fit of child safety seats in your vehicle, the city provides a printable brochure that gives the addresses of the state’s first two child safety seat fitting stations. To make an appointment for a car seat installation or inspection, call (602) 495-KIDS.

In addition, our infographic below can help you better understand child safety seats and the proper, safe way to discard your car seats.

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