Plan a Great, Green Staycation

Everyone looks forward to some time off from their everyday lives, but more and more students, professionals and families are opting for economical and relaxing stay-at-home vacations, or staycations, as they’re commonly called. Reasons for taking a staycation may range from a college student saving money for tuition to an entire family being more eco-conscious over a school break., the country’s biggest non-profit organization for young people inspiring responsible social change, reports that roughly 1.5 million students spent in excess of $1 billion on spring break last year. Yet since Hurricane Katrina sparked a number of nationwide volunteer efforts, more than 10,000 students are now spending their annual spring breaks building homes in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity.

What options do you have in your own home and neighborhood that inspire green living habits and the enjoyment of a hassle-free staycation? Read on if you’re prepared to stay at home and have some fun!

Plan Activities

Think of all the time you won’t be waiting in traffic and security check-in lines by staying home. Now take a moment and encourage everyone on your staycation to write down an activity on slip of paper put it in a hat. You’re sure to have a rapt audience each morning when you select that day’s activity from the hat. Encourage activities that are eco-friendly, local and easy on the wallet. Consider one or more of the following:

  • Enjoy the stars and camp out in your backyard. green_staycation.jpg
  • Plan a walking tour or hike through a local park.
  • Visit a local museum or spot of cultural interest.
  • Use public transportation to see tourist attractions like planetariums and zoos.
  • Dig in and do some greenscaping, and maybe even plant a garden.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by learning to build a composting bin.

Taste Tours

Nobody says your staycation has to be, or taste, boring. Set aside some evenings for various culinary tours by cooking new, destination or theme-oriented foods at home. You can even make each evening an entirely different theme-inspired gustatory adventure.

Imagine the fun you can have sampling constantly changing plates of tapas while listening to a Spanish guitar played to perfection on your stereo. Or you could plan a Mediterranean night around feta cheese, olives and a documentary that explores the history of the Greek islands. You can either be adventurous at home, with the whole family chipping in to create new, exciting meals, or consider visiting a local restaurant you’ve been meaning to try.

Smile, relax and enjoy your staycation.



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