Preparing for Retirement – Letters from Retirees to Young Folks #1

Retirement preparation isnt easy. There are many ideas, books, experts, blogs, and sources of information about how to retire, so how do you know which one is right?

We thought it would be good to learn from real people who actually have made it into retirement. We asked them to write letters to younger relatives with advice on how to think smart about their future.

This is REAL advice from people who made it to retirement, and its simpler than you think. What follows are ACTUAL letters with easy and simple tips to help you prepare for your future.

To: Our Grandchildren
From: Grandma and Grandpa

Hi Grandchildren –
Grandpa and Grandma would like to give you a little advice since we have grown older and see whats happening in the world we hope you dont mind our little advice!

First of all, think (that) you never know what will happen tomorrow, so you want to do the best you can to prepare yourself. Always think, Im fortunate for what I have both materially and health wise and I want to take the best care I can of it in preparing myself for my future! Do whatever you can to put into savings as you go along. The sooner you start the better. Try not to have to have all the brand name items if something less will do (and then put the extra away).

Things get harder as you get more responsibilities. As you get into a job, if the employer has matching funds for investment into retirement make sure and take advantage of it starting as soon as you can even if you just put a small amount into it. Through the years it will add up. Since the world is so uncertain you should do whatever you can to prepare yourself for the unknown future.

Health insurance is also very important as you never know how your own and your family health will be. If you get into stocks, be very careful and do a lot of research before getting into them. I myself, consider them risky unless you really know what youre doing and even experts cant predict the future on them! Thanks for listening we love you and hope for your best future!

Grandpa and Grandma