There are steps homeowners can take to help prevent break-ins while they are on vacation. // Photo: Rob Bayer/Shutterstock

Protecting Your Home While You’re Away on Summer Vacation

Burglaries in Denver fell by 4.5 percent in roughly the first three months of this year, according to a report by 9News. But that doesn’t mean homeowners should let their guard down, especially when going on summer vacation, Denver police District 1 Cmdr. Paul Pazen told the station.

Besides alerting the police, one way to keep your home safe is to tell your neighbors before you leave and ask them to watch for suspicious activity, suggests the Denver Police Department. Thieves often target homes where the owners appear to be out of town.

Among the signs are mail and newspapers piling up, so you may want to suspend your deliveries when going out of town, or have a friend or neighbor pick them up from your mailbox or porch.

Residents also need to be careful about what they share on social media before departing and while away on holiday. Posting pictures of yourself in a tropical destination on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook just lets thieves know you aren’t home. Instead, wait until you’re home to share your holiday photos and plans with friends on social media.

The Denver Police Department offers additional tips to help reduce the likelihood of a burglary while you’re on vacation. These include:

  • Do not leave messages indicating that you’re out of town on your mailbox, phone or answering machine.
  • Call your District Police Station to place your house on vacation watch so that officers can keep an eye on your house during your absence.


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