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If you’re out on the water, be it on a row boat or high-powered speed boat, every crew needs a leader. At sea, that leader is called Captain, a position that deserves respect! Not surprisingly, history (and pop culture) is filled with famous captains who have distinguished themselves in a variety of ways. Take our quiz below and see if you can make waves with your knowledge!

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Featured image courtesy: http://bit.ly/16nkPZZ

Captain photos courtesy: http://bit.ly/1e6mpEm, http://bit.ly/13Rth2I, http://bit.ly/14OCztI, http://bit.ly/17tdNm0, http://bit.ly/1eHS1Pz, http://bit.ly/17Zey5f, http://bit.ly/15ZsM3t, http://bit.ly/15Uw1A1, http://bit.ly/14OD0nI, http://bit.ly/17Sn8Vt

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