Safer Cars for Mature Drivers

We mature drivers have years of experience. However, for some of us, we also must admit that our reaction time and eyesight may not be as good as they used to be. Despite that, we may be considered lower risk drivers because we use our experience, maturity and, hopefully, a clean driving record to demonstrate that we can handle vehicles safely.

Now, let us use our virtues to make sure we do everything we can to compensate for some of the mild infirmities of getting older. That way we can keep the roads safer, enjoy more driving and help keep our insurance rates down!

Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Car Safer

Night Vision As we age, our vision is likely to get a bit worse. A lot of times we hardly notice it, except when we have to challenge it. By all means, visit your optometrist regularly! Also note that dirty or yellow headlights can reduce your night vision by as much as 90 percent, and this problem is a lot more common than most people think. Your regular car wash may not be enough to keep your headlight covers as clear as when the car was new. So be sure you clean your headlights yourself or stop at a local service station and ask them to help you

Driver Safety Classes Even if you have avoided accidents for years, you may still benefit from refresher classes. Many insurance companies offer a discount for their customers who take a driving safety class every few years, so it may be a worthwhile investment.

Navigation Systems If your car doesn’t have a GPS, you can buy a portable device for about the price of two tanks of gasoline. Instead of having to squint to see street signs or addresses or worse yet, to glance down at a map, you can rely on a handy computer voice to tell you to turn right or left.

New Cars If you decide to purchase a new car, you can find all sorts of amazing new safety features—from collision prevention to blind spot warnings to rearview monitors. These safety features may add to the price of your new vehicle, but may also help earn you insurance discounts and make your car safer to drive.

Adjust Your Seat Properly Most of us are not as flexible as we were a few years ago. It is more important than ever to make sure you position your seat and steering wheel so you can comfortably operate your vehicle.

Be a Wiser Driver Many mature people have concerns about their parents too, so you may want to look into some safety features for senior drivers. Mature people are still considered a fairly safe group, but some senior citizens may be considered as high risk as some teen drivers.Making sure that your car adapts to your needs as a mature driver can be budget-friendly and simple. Some easy changes are surely cheaper and less troublesome than having an accident.

Guest blogger Marilyn Katz is the founder of , an online community for boomers.