Save a Motorcyclist

With motorcycle season already in full throttle, the need for motorcycle safety – and awareness from the motorists around them – is critical. Help raise drivers awareness by sharing this information provided by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Help the World See Riders

Here are 10 things every driver needs to know about sharing the road with motorcyclists. Lets open their eyes. Spread the word. Share this information with family, friends and any non-riders you can find.

1. One of the top reasons motorcycles crash is because motorists dont see them.

Thats it. Not because riders are hotheaded and aggressive. Not because theyre on two wheels instead of four, but because motorists often dont spot a motorcycle.

2. Motorcycles can easily disappear in your blind spots.

The only way to prevent this is to always be aware of traffic all around you and to look twice before changing lanes or turning at intersections.

3. Motorcycles may be closer than they appear.

They are smaller than cars, so its difficult to judge their speed or how far away they are. A good rule of thumb when seeing a motorcycle: Assume that the bike is closer than it looks.

4. Riders dont always use their brakes to slow down.

Sometimes it is safer for a rider to downshift than apply brakes to slow down. When a rider downshifts to brake, there will be no red brake light to alert you. So always allow yourself a little more following distance when behind a motorcycle.

5. Riders use all of the lane to be safe, not reckless.

When you see a motorcyclist adjust lane position, theyre not showing off or inviting you to share the lane with them. They are reacting to road debris, wind, or to be better seen by other vehicles.

6. A motorcycles turn signal doesnt always click off automatically like yours does.

Some motorcyclists might forget to manually turn their turn signal off. So remember to make sure a riders turn signal is for real.

7. Dont expect that a rider can get out of your way.

Motorcycles are highly maneuverable at slow speeds with good road conditions, but its always better not to put them to the test.

8. Motorcycles have a hard time stopping quickly on wet roads.

Allow for more following distance when behind a bike, especially in poor weather conditions.

9. Riders are people like you.

They could be your family, friends or neighbors. Only they dont have seatbelts or airbags to protect them.

10. Hitting a rider will be something you regret.

80% of motorcycle accidents result in injury or death. They could be prevented if all of us just paid a little more attention while driving.

Help save a rider. Pass this on.

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