Save Time and Money by Getting Organized

Home organization has many benefits, such as reducing stress and conflict, but best of all, it pays off in real dollars! Let’s look at a few areas of your house where you can realize some savings.

Closet organization ideas: One of the best closet organizing ideas is to arrange your hanging clothing by type, such as pants, skirts, long-sleeve shirts, short-sleeve shirts, and suits, and then within each type sort the clothing by color. Doing this enables you to gain full visibility to your clothing selections, and that means you know exactly what you have. When it’s time to go shopping, you will know you already have three purple shirts, so you won’t be tempted to buy another one on sale. You’ll also know exactly what you need to buy to fill in gaps in your wardrobe, and each morning, you’ll save valuable time getting dressed more efficiently.

Kitchen and Pantry: Good home organization habits include meal planning, for the sake of your health, your quality family time, and your wallet. Planning menus once a week means you will dine out less frequently, saving potentially hundreds of dollars a month, and you’ll save on food spoilage when you’ve planned how and when you’ll cook the food. Cooking more at home also means you’ll have handy leftovers for lunches at work. Organizing your refrigerator and pantry brings visibility to your food the same way it does for your closet, enabling you to find and use your food and avoid duplicate purchases. Turntables or “Lazy Susans” are an easy way to fix deep cabinets and shelves to better see what you have.

Home Office:  Organizing a home office means your financial information gets managed better, saving in late fees and other unnecessary costs. Create a home for bills and place them there as soon as they arrive, and have an incoming basket where all unsorted mail stays prior to processing it. Regularly processing your paperwork means you’re more likely to review your statements to find forgotten charges like gym memberships, and you will take better advantage of rebate opportunities, warranty claims, and timely insurance filings. Lost receipts and late papers can be extremely costly.

Let’s not forget that cleaning and organizing your home often results in actual found money! Think of all of the $20 bills that may be stashed in purses or pockets, the gift cards you’ve received and haven’t used, and the checks that might be waiting in your unopened mail. As a professional organizer I have found literally thousands of dollars for clients in their homes as we’ve worked together. Hopefully these home organizing ideas have inspired you to find and save money in your own home. Plan some menus, organize your closet, or clear out some paperwork today, and share your progress in the comments!

Lorie Marrero is a guest blogger from The Clutter Diet. In exchange for sharing this content, the Allstate Community has compensated her via cash payment.