Setting Goals, Being Open and Reporting Back: The Makings of a Strong Social Responsibility Report

We’ve long had a commitment to being an active and responsible corporate citizen. As part of nearly every community in the country, we understand our responsibility to have a positive local impact. It’s not enough to aspire to be a good corporate citizen and it’s not even enough to do good work. We have to set clear priorities, specific goals and measurement metrics. And then we have to be transparent and report what we were able to accomplish and be equally honest aboutwhat we didn’t deliver. That’s the directive we had in mind when we compiled our 2010 Social Responsibility Report.


Issuing an annual report on our social responsibility initiatives is not new to us at Allstate or to a growing number of companies around the globe. But, what is new is exploring our work with the sense of purpose and clarity that comes from having detailed goals and performance metrics. We’ve learned from ongoing dialogues with two social responsibility leaders – CERES and Businesses for Social Responsibility – that the need for open and accountable social responsibility programs and reporting continues to grow, which is good for business and the community.


This report marks the second year we’ve adopted the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework as part of our measurements. The GRI metrics mean our work is able to fit into the broader context of corporate social responsibility. We’ve committed to reporting not just on those measurements that might shine the best light on our company, but instead we tailor our report to the GRI so our work can be viewed as part of a global landscape. The measurements help legitimize our programs and further engage our leaders in seeing social responsibility as a business priority.


Read the report and view Allstate and The Allstate Foundation’s economic impact in your state. Be sure to check back often: In an effort to increase transparency, we’ll update the online report throughout the year.

How can Allstate strengthen its social responsibility reporting? How has increased social responsibility reporting by corporations changed businesses or the community?

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