Shopping Strategies: Smart Tips to Save Money on End of Summer Sales

End of summer sale season is the best time to purchase those big-ticket items you have been waiting to buy. For instance, now is the best time to buy a lawn mower, outdoor furniture, or outdoor grills. You will be able to get these items at a much better price then you would expect in the spring time; plus, there is still time to enjoy some of your purchases for the rest of the season. However, don’t fall into the “good-deal” trap and buy it just because it is on sale. You will just be wasting money.

Make a list of your needs and wants before you head out to the home improvement stores. Be on the lookout for those discount sticker prices and, most importantly, ask the store managers if they are willing to give a further discount on products on display or that are out of the box. Don’t be afraid to ask!

End of summer also means “Back to School.” This is the time you can make the best of the end of the summer clearance sales on clothing. Make a list of what your children need, and predict the sizes they will be in the spring and summer of next year. Normally children will be a size up from what they are currently wearing. Items such as T-Shirts, Shirts, Shorts, flip -flops, swimsuits, and more will be on those clearance racks.

Be sure to combine those clearance prices with in-store coupons.

Some of the items will be useful throughout the fall as well. Be sure to combine those clearance prices with in-store coupons. Many stores will have coupons for additional savings on items that are already reduced. Learn how to engage your children in the coupon clipping process in a fun and unique way.

End of season sales can also help you on gift giving. Make a list of people for whom you need to purchase gifts for the upcoming holidays and birthdays. Toys, especially outdoor toys and beach items, often go on sale at the end of July as well.

Become familiar with the each store’s return policy in case you have to return anything. Don’t buy items unless you can use what you have bought or will be given away as gifts. If you purchase because it is on sale, well then you didn’t really get a “deal.”

Shannon is a guest blogger from  Coupon  Princess. In exchange for sharing this content, the Allstate Community has compensated her via cash payment.