Damaged Windshield

6 Types of Windshield Damage [SLIDESHOW]

When a hailstorm hit Mississippi earlier this year, glass shops started working overtime at the state fairgrounds to help deal with nearly 50,000 auto insurance claims. While many of us may never witness that sort of widespread problem, a stone or road debris that gets kicked up on the highway can cause windshield damage. Here’s a rundown of the factors that can determine the extent of the damage to your windshield:

A chip or break in your windshield glass can be a little like a snowflake: Each one can be different depending on what hit your windshield, and how it caused damage.

If you’ve got a damaged windshield it might make sense to have it replaced or repaired sooner rather than later, especially if it affects your visibility. As Edmunds points out, “A rock chip or bull’s-eye right in your line of vision is a real irritation.”