Small Business Websites: A Must for B2B Credibility

Small Business WebsitesWhen I’m contacted by a supplier and their product looks like it could  be a potential fit for Allstate, the first thing I do is go to their  website. Whether you get a call back or not often depends on your small  business website’s ability to catch the attention of the corporate  representative.


Here’s what corporations look for:

1.    Is the site up and running?

If  a supplier tells the corporate contact they are just not big enough for  a site or that it is “Under Construction,” this is a telling sign that  you may not be ready to compete for business at the corporate level.

2.    Is the message clear?

Sites  with a home page that focuses on the fact that the business is diverse  rather than the value your company can bring to a corporation is not the  way to be heard. Make sure your site clearly states your core  competencies and what makes you unique.

3.    Does your site take advantage of the most advanced technology?

Look at the sites of your competitors and corporations. What catches  your eye? Does your site have the same features? If your site is  contemporary in appearance with meaningful content, you are more likely  to get a call back.

4.    Does the site show examples of your work and who you have done work for?

Corporate representatives will be looking for case studies or a  portfolio that show you can and have competed at the corporate level.  Although many corporations prohibit you from listing them as a client,  you can be general. For example, state you do business with a Fortune  100 company in the insurance industry.

So if you have the skills  to deliver on these four ideas, designing your own site is the way to  go. If web design is not your core competency, reach out to other  suppliers in your network or your certifying agency to create a site that will catch attention and bring you business.