All You Need to Know About Green Cars

Via Vehicle Vibes

Green is the hottest color this season, and not for clothes, for cars! Green (hybrid or electric) cars are still a growing market, even though the rest of the economy has slowed down. And there is good reason! Hybrid and green cars save consumers a lot of money.

The Greens: Hybrids and Electric Cars
Hybrids get about forty five percent better fuel economy than conventional cars. Hybrids are different than electric cars; Electric cars run only on rechargeable batteries, and use no fuel. Hybrids use a combination of battery and a regular internal combustion engine, so they still use gasoline, just less of it.

Hybrids and Fuel Economy
Hybrids are also getting better at their fuel efficiency. In 2000 when the first hybrid models debuted, they achieved around 41-mpg fuel economy. Now, the newest hybrids are achieving an estimated 50-mpg. These numbers are more accurate as well, at the technology for measuring fuel economy has improved.

Save Money and Save the Planet

Hybrids purchased or placed into service after Dec. 31, 2005 may be eligible for a federal income tax credit up to $3,400. If the financial savings dont interest you, then how about saving the world? Hybrids emit 30-50 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than regular cars. Electric cars emit no green house emissions, but do require electricity to re-charge and power their motors.

4 Gas Saving Tips

While buying a new hybrid might not be on your to do list, you can still do some simple things to save gas.

1. Get your engine tuned.
Doing so helps your mileage!
2. Keep your tires properly inflated. The US Department of Energy estimates that for every I PSI (pounds per square inch) your tires are under inflated, you lose .4 percent of your mpg.
3. Check your air filter and replace it every 12,000 miles. The Department of Energy estimates that you could save as much as 22 cents per gallon by replacing a bad filter.
4. Clean out the junk in your trunk! Youd be surprised any unnecessary weight that you may carrying can increase your mpg.

More and more car companies are coming out with hybrid, electric, or alternative fuel vehicles. Are you thinking of purchasing a hybrid or newer, fuel-friendly car this year? Share your thoughts below.