Stop Talking and Disable Your Cell Phone While Driving

During 2009, there was a lot of discussion over the dangers of driving while using your cell phone.  According to the National Highway Administration, drivers are four times more likely to have an accident if they are on their cell phone, even if they are using a hands-free headset.

Currently, 19 states and the District of Columbia have laws banning texting while driving and according to the National Conference of State Legislators 26 states have proposed legislation limiting cell phone use on the road.

Some organizations, such as the National Motorists Association, have argued that these laws are ineffective and unnecessary and are difficult to enforce. Because many Americans are constantly connected, whether it’s through their computer or cell phone, it can be difficult to resist picking up the phone when it rings or when you receive a text.

ZoomSafer is a new company that disables your cell phone while driving. Through your phone’s GPS sensors, ZoomSafer can detect when you’re driving and will lock your keypad to prevent texting, emailing and phone calls. ZoomSafer will also auto-reply to all missed calls, emails and texts.

Co-founder and CEO, Matt Howard, came up with the idea of ZoomSafer in September 2008 after he was involved in a distracted driving accident in which he almost killed a nine-year-old boy.  ZoomSafer was developed to ensure safe and legal use of mobile phones while driving. The software requires an easy install on your phone and is available for a $25 onetime fee or $2.99 a month.