Supplier Registration Portals: What Happens After Registration?

A common practice among corporations is to maintain a database, recording information about the many suppliers that contact them looking to provide goods and services. Just to give you a feel for the volume, last year 3,000 suppliers, diverse and non-diverse, registered via Allstate’s portal.

There are two questions I hear all the time regarding the registration database:

#1 What should I do after I register? 

If you have registered with a corporation and you are confident that you have a product or service that will add value, reach out to make contact. Be prepared with a strong pitch that will catch attention and entice that corporation to take a closer look at what you offer. The key is to be well prepared for that initial contact. Read Five Best and Worst Approaches When Contacting a Corporation.  

#2 Will my registration be handled differently because I am a certified diverse supplier?

While the fact that you are a certified diverse supplier is important, most importantly is what you do. Suppliers are categorized in the database by capabilities and certified diverse suppliers are treated as all others in their category. Take care to have your registration reflect keywords that describe what you do. Whenever possible have collateral material ready to upload so that a complete picture of your company is presented.

Registrations can be time-consuming so don’t register on every site you find. Focus on those firms where you know you are truly a fit, register and follow up with a tailored presentation.

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