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Seniors: Dealing with Changing Abilities on the Road

September 18, 2012 by

Auto, Driving Safety Tips Part of getting older is not being able to do some of the things you used to. As we age,... Read Full Story

Allstate Seniors’ Guide: Overview

August 22, 2012 by

Auto, Driving Safety Tips In the past 40 years, cars have undergone remarkable changes. While the basic act of driving (turn the wheel, push... Read Full Story

How to Find a Job with Purpose (and Income) In Your Retirement Years

June 27, 2012 by

Money, Retirement Marci Alboher is a leading voice in the advocacy of encore careers—later-in-life work that combine personal meaning, continued income and... Read Full Story

Senior Drivers Re-Test Tips

November 14, 2010 by

Auto, Driving Safety Tips Everyone remembers what it felt like the day they got their first drivers license. Over time, the act of driving... Read Full Story