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What Type of Firewood is Best?

November 4, 2013 by

Home, Lifestyle From buying it to burning it, knowing a few things about firewood can greatly help the productivity of your wood... Read Full Story

Daylight Saving: 9 Important Tasks Beyond Changing Your Clocks

October 28, 2013 by

Home, Maintain & Renovate Daylight saving time ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 3, when we set our clocks back an hour. Many... Read Full Story

Top 5 Tips for Fire Safety Week

October 8, 2013 by

Home, Safety & Security Beep! Waking up to a smoke detector can be a terrifying experience, as my next-door neighbor Jolene recently learned. After... Read Full Story

4 Garage Dangers You May Have Overlooked

September 4, 2013 by

Home, Maintain & Renovate Do you cringe when you open your garage door? All of that clutter – from gardening tools, old furniture and... Read Full Story

4 Kitchen Dangers You May Have Overlooked - And How to Design Them Out!

August 23, 2013 by

Home, Maintain & Renovate, Safety & Security Kitchens are typically a home’s chief gathering spot—a place to cook, eat, watch TV, pay bills, and entertain. But when... Read Full Story