The Classic Cars of James Bond

From Sean Connery and his Sunbeam Alpine to Daniel Craig and his Aston Martin DBS, every Bond needs a high-tech car with a license to kill. And when things don’t work out quite as planned, a few upgrades from Q’s lab – an ejector seat, cannons under the chassis or anti-aircraft missiles – are all Bond needs to take out the bad guys, save the girl and drive off into the sunset. His auto insurance rates must be sky high!

Welcome to Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Now, Bond buffs and car lovers can get up close and personal with 50 vehicles made famous by the Bond series. With the latest James Bond film set for release this fall, England’s National Motor Museum is commemorating half a century of Bond movies, launching a Bond-themed exhibit celebrating the world’s rarest cars. Also featured are the actual motorcycles, boats and helicopters used in the films, including the crocodile submarine from Octopussy.

The “Bond in Motion” exhibit at the Beaulieu, England museum is the first of its kind – bringing together an impressive collection of classic Bond film cars. From the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 to the 1937 Phantom III Rolls-Royce, exhibit visitors can see the world’s rarest cars up close. These include “Wet Nellie,” the Lotus Esprit S made famous in The Spy Who Loved Me for its ability to fold up the wheels and transform into submarine mode.

Visitors can also catch a glimpse of Bond’s most famous cars, including The BMW 750iL from Tomorrow Never Dies, the Ford Mustang from Diamonds Are Forever and the Jaguar XKR (complete with its special effects weaponry) from Die Another Day.

Film production company Eon Productions, which produced the James Bond film series, is part owner to the car rights. Other famous cars in the exhibit are on loan through Aston Martin and the Ian Fleming Foundation.

Amazing, if improbable, vehicles have long been Bond’s secret weapons for success. Goldfinger’s Aston Martin DB5 – with its machine guns, bulletproof shield, radar and ejector seat – is perhaps the most quintessential Bond car. And while Bond had a brief dalliance with BMW in the late 1990s, Daniel Craig’s darker, brooding Bond is back with the muscular, understated elegance of Aston Martin. What car should Bond drive next? Comment below!

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