The Right Way to Road Trip [INFOGRAPHIC]

While the “high season” for road tripping is obviously summer, road trips can be successful virtually year-round. Going sight-seeing to the Grand Canyon or Mt. Rushmore is often the first thing that comes to mind (thank you, National Lampoon), but people are making road trips to all sorts of autumnal destinations from college football games to apple orchards, pumpkin patches and scenic areas to take in the colorful foliage.

In the end, it seems that road trips often fall into three common types based on the vehicle: car (the family heading to the ‘Mouse House’ in either Florida or California); RV (the extended family seeing all the tourist sites the country has to offer); and motorcycle (the ‘pack’ heading off on a bonding trip for some revelry).

Follow each of our iconic vehicles down the board game of road tips and learn some tips to consider when planning your next adventure.

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