Top 10 Cars From Your Favorite Movies

Remember that beautiful car from a movie that just made your heart melt?

Well, AutoWeek came out with their List of Top 10 Movie Cars. Is your favorite movie car on the list?

While I agree with most of their list, I was surprised that neither the Batmobile or any of the Bond Cars did make it on to the list.

What do you think of their list of top 10 movie cars? What is your all time favorite car from a movie?

  1. Bullitt’s Mustang from Bullitt
  2. Milner’s Coupe from American Graffiti
  3. The Bluesmobile from The Blues Brothers
  4. The Minis from The Italian Job
  5. The Deathmobile from Animal House
  6. Lightning McQueen from Cars
  7. Harry’s Dog Grooming Van from Dumb and Dumber
  8. Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds
  9. Porsche 917 from Le Mans
  10. The DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future