Trade Show Tips Five Ways to Make it Successful

tradeshow_blog.jpgI attend many trade shows and sometimes will meet 300 people in a day. Here are a few trade show tips to make yourself memorable for the right reasons.

1. Plan your day. In advance of the event, know which booths you will visit based on which firms are truly a fit for your product or service.
Ask yourself if this company did not have a supplier diversity program, would I be contacting them?

2. After you select the corporations you plan to visit, do your homework and be ready to approach that corporation with a tailored pitch.

Let’s say you decide to visit the booth of Company X.
Specifically, what does Company X do?
What are Company X’s challenges? (and be thinking about solutions you can bring them.)
Who are Company X’s competitors and what are they doing?
Who currently provides Company X with the services or products you can provide? Be prepared to present what makes your product or service better.

3. Does your business card clearly state what you do?
Your business card should include your name and contact information, but if a corporate representative collects 300 cards in a day, will they remember what you do when they see your card? Make sure your card reflects what service or product you provide.
Is the back of your business card blank? Use that real estate to tell your story.
Give this a try: Show your business card to a stranger and ask them if they can tell what product or service you offer. Time to redesign the card if they are at a loss.

4. Be respectful of the corporate representatives and others at the booth.
The line to talk to corporate representatives is often long. When others are involved in conversation, please dont interrupt.
When you are at the top of the queue, the representatives focus in now on you. Have your pitch ready and set an expectation of when you will follow up with them.
Dont overstay. Remember the queue is long and if your elevator pitch was on point, five minutes should do it.

5. The Follow Up.
If you have agreed to a specific time for a follow up with a corporation, be sure to follow through.
General follow ups by e-mail and phone are fine. First send the e-mail and then follow up with a call to make sure it was received.