Unusual Traffic Laws in the United States [SLIDESHOW]

Nov 20, 2012 by

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From stopping at red lights to signaling when changing lanes, rules and regulations keep us, our passengers and other vehicles safe on the road. There are some traffic laws on the books, however, that may be surprising. From restrictions on honking at sandwich shops to jumping from vehicles, our country has its fair share of unique traffic laws. Here are some that will have you scratching your head:

  • Horn
    No Honking at McDonald's After 9 p.m.

    Little Rock, Ark., banned the "sounding of horns at sandwich shops" to stop drivers honking for curbside service. Is that sandwich taking too long? You'll have to complain with words, not loud noises.

  • Car door
    No Jumping from a Vehicle

    In Glendale, Calif., it is illegal to jump from a car while it is in motion. We wouldn't try this even if it wasn't prohibited!

  • Dice
    No Betting On Driving

    In Massachusetts, it is illegal to drive on a bet or a wager. Save the gambling for Vegas!

  • Carriages
    Too Young for a Driver’s License? Then Hitch Up the Ol’ Buggy!

    In Indiana, there is no minimum age requirement for driving a horse-drawn buggy down the road. But, as with many of these laws, just because it's not explicitly illegal doesn't mean it's a good idea. Your 3-year-old probably shouldn't be driving anything bigger than a tricycle.

  • Car bumper
    Blink and You’ll Miss the Signal

    Utah drivers must signal two seconds before turning. Sneeze at the wrong moment, and you may end up blowing your nose in an airbag. Utah drivers, do each other a favor -- think about starting that turn signal earlier to give the driver behind you a heads-up.

  • Car trunk
    Too Many Passengers?

    In Nebraska, there is no rule against adults riding in a cargo area. Legal or not, curling up in the trunk of a car does not sound like a comfortable -- or safe-- way to travel.

  • Distracted driver
    Eyes on the Computer Monitor

    According to the "2011 Colorado Motor Vehicle Law Resource Book," "the use of computers in motor vehicles is specifically permitted." But, it goes without saying that trying to catch up on work behind the wheel is extremely dangerous -- even if not legally prohibited.

  • Angry driver
    Check Your Feelings at the Car Door

    Although it's not exactly a law, the Arizona driver’s manual warns against angry, excited, worried and depressed drivers. So it may be a good idea to control your excitement over rush hour!

Are there any quirky laws regulating traffic in your hometown?

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