Welcome to the All Things Wheels Blog

Amit and I will be posting content about All Things Wheels as the Strategy and Content Manager for Social Networking at Allstate. While we get started with the community, you may find some of the content posted on Allstate.com. Whats different is that were posting these articles to the community to start a discussion on what they may really mean to the community.My colleagues and I will also scour the web each week for helpful automotive topics that may make a difference in our lives, and well provide quick summaries and link to those sites.Bloggers
We will soon feature articles written by bloggers from other sites. External bloggers add a non-Allstate perspective and viewpoint to topics of interest to the community. We do not and will not pay or compensate any bloggers to promote Allstate or any of its products.

A True Learning Organization
One of the principles of Allstates Shared Vision is to Be a learning organization. Therefore, we are actively listening to your advice as community members on how we can improve. What are your thoughts? What topics should we cover? What other sites do you like best? How can we make the site easier to use?

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Yes, were twittering! Well notify everyone of new posts via twitter, but you can still subscribe via RSS feeds too.