Why should suppliers certify as a diverse business?

14038165_diversity_hands.JPGSuppliers frequently asked me if it is really worth their time to  certify as a diverse business. I can quickly and confidently answer  “Yes” to that question. In my role at Allstate I interact daily with  organizations that certify diverse businesses:National Gay and ******* Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and The Department of Veteran Affairs.

All of these certifying organizations are dedicated to the growth and  development of your business. From business plans to marketing  strategies, they have experts who can assist you. These organizations  also provide great networking opportunities. They bring together  corporations and suppliers to make the right connections. Many suppliers  are successfully introduced to corporations through the certifying  agencies.

Many corporations (Allstate included) do not count  you in their diverse spend until your firm has been verified as owned,  controlled and operated by a woman, ethnic minority, veteran or member  of the LGBT community, so certification is an important step if you are  looking for the support of the corporation’s supplier diversity  representatives.

Hear from the experts at WBENC, NMSDC and NGLCC on the value of getting certified.

When you do start the certification process, make sure you are well  prepared. Read what information you will need to certify and submit a  thorough package. It will make the process go quickly and you can start  taking advantage of your certification.