Working with Others For the Greater Good: YouComplete Me

In this day and age, were born and bred into a culture that pushes us to become increasingly self-sufficient. With a plethora of technologies and do-it-yourself devices at our fingertips, we possess an unprecedented level of control over our own personal goals and achievements.

Want to get fit without hiring a personal trainer? Buy a home gym, and youll have ripped abs in less time than it takes for you to complete the order form!

Looking for directions, but dont want to face the embarrassment of asking a random person on the street? Punch the address into your GPS, and youll be there in no time!

But in light of all these advancements, are we forgetting the value of seeking out others for help? Have we built up such individualistic mindsets, that it may even convey weakness or ineptitude if we ask for assistance?

I would argue that even the most determined, most capable individuals in our society would have to admit that sometimes, we all require the support and aid of those around us.

LonelyyyyI am so lonelyyy

For as much recognition as is lavished upon comic book superheroes for their awesome powers and spectacular exploits, comparatively little attention is paid to the supporting characters that play vital roles in their lives. Oh, sure, we see Batman delivering Gotham City from its many insane criminals, Superman ensuring that justice is kept throughout the ends of the universe, and Spiderman web-slinging from one building to the next to ensure that New York remains safe and sound. But though we so readily acknowledge these godlike beings as fearless, indestructible, and capable of handling any sort of adversity, one has to wonder whether theyd really be able to hold their lives together without the aid of those close to them

Ugh. This mansions getting pretty dirty; I gotta get me a few of those Roombas, because the Swiffer just isnt cutting it with all this floor space. Hm, whats for dinner tonight? Takeout, again? I wish I had a maid/personal chef/close friend all wrapped up in onethatd sure make my life a lot easier.

Whew, Im tired…Been swinging from building to building all night, and there hasnt even been a single crime yet! And on top of that, I still have to finish up my homework and do the dishes before bedtiAWWW, MAN!!! Got bird droppings on my outfit again! Stupid pigeons!!! Ok, thats it The police department better start putting up Help Wanted ads, because Im not doing this anymore.

Sighall these superpowers dont mean a thing when it comes to women. How was I supposed to know she wanted roses instead of tulips? Just because I have X-ray vision, doesnt mean I can read minds!!! Cut a guy some slack here

Everybody Needs Somebody, Sometimes

…[Message truncated]

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