Your Bad Driving Habits Get on My Nerves

Every day on my way to and from work I encounter multiple bad drivers. It gets so bad that by the end of the week, I want to start a new business offering driving classes for bad drivers. I don’t think most people realize how irritating their bad driving habits really are to other drivers. Oh, there is another new business idea: stress management classes for all of us who have to tolerate other drivers’ bad driving habits.

The top three bad driving habits that irritate me the most are:

  1. Drivers who don’t merge properly, which is closely related to…
  2. When I put on my blinker to change lanes and the driver in the car behind and to the left of me, accelerates and refuses to let me merge.
  3. When people honk at me to speed up when I’m already going faster than I should.

I talked to my co-workers and asked them to chime in on the bad driving habits that irritate them the most, and they had the following to say about drivers and the bad driving habits they are forced to endure.

More Bad Driving Habits

Craig’s pet peeve is drivers who fly up to the front of a lane when lane merges happen. He doesn’t understand how they can justify placing a premium on their time over all of the other people. What makes it even worse is he sees the same drivers do this type of bad driving every day.

Kelly gets irritated when drivers cut her off in traffic by not allowing enough room when passing. Drivers who don’t use their signals are second on her list of bad driving behaviors.

Lizzie weighed in on people who try and read while driving. She asks, “seriously do they honestly think they can a) enjoy a novel and b) pay enough attention to the road to read while driving in bumper to bumper traffic?”

Phil implores drivers to better share the (3 feet of) road with bicyclists. He gets freaked when people are driving too close to him and he’s had a couple instances when he’s had to jump the curb or veer into a ditch to get out of the way.

Cody hates it when drivers talk on their cell phones while trying to merge onto a highway. They forget to look until the last second and end up cutting people off.

Brenda can’t stand when drivers purposely speed up so that it’s hard to merge. She continues, “We’re all on the road together. It is not a race. People are risking their lives when they drive and it’s very dangerous to assume that they won’t hit you or someone else.”

Finally, Jacqui hates it when drivers can’t maintain a speed because they’re talking on their cell phones. She wants drivers to put their phones down and concentrate on their driving.

Bad driving habits really are nerve racking, and they can cause accidents. What bad driving habits get on your nerves? Leave your contribution in the comments below.