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Apartment Hunting: Why Looking at a Property’s Social Media Is Important

If you're currently searching for a new apartment, you may want to add one more step in your online research: take the time to check an apartment community's social media channels. A property's social media may offer some unique insights into what to expect should you decide to move in.… Allstate https://i0.wp.com/blog.allstate.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/young-woman-looking-at-an-apartment-building_iStock.jpg?fit=2121%2C1414&ssl=1
young woman looking at an apartment building in a city.

If you’re currently searching for a new apartment, you may want to add one more step in your online research: take the time to check an apartment community’s social media channels. A property’s social media may offer some unique insights into what to expect should you decide to move in. Here are some of the ways that checking a property’s social media channels can help inform your rental decision.

1. Gain Some Insights on the Property from Resident Reviews

Although it is often overlooked, social media is another source of resident reviews. Browsing social media platforms can be a simple way to hear feedback straight from current and past residents of a particular community. These reviews may help you gain a quick understanding of a community’s strong and weak points. From there, you can decide for yourself what is most important — such as responsive staff, frequent resident events or clean common areas.

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2. See How Engaged the Property Is With Followers

It is true that not all great apartment communities have a presence on social media. It is also true that simply having some social media pages does not necessarily make for an apartment community full of satisfied residents. When a property does have a social media presence, however, it can be helpful to see how often and in what ways they interact with residents and followers. Some things to look for include:

  • How often do they post on their different social media pages? How recently have they posted?
  • Do they respond to reviews (both positive and negative), offering appreciation or lending a listening ear?
  • Do they respond to comments or questions on photos and posts?
  • Are the property managers responding to questions and complaints they’re mentioned in?
  • Are residents and followers commenting (in a positive or negative way) on photos and posts?

3. Get a Feel for the Types of Events the Property Hosts

If you’re moving to a new city, the ability to meet new people may be high on your list of priorities. If this is the case, social media can be a perfect place to learn more about the kinds of events, if any, an apartment community provides for its residents. Scroll through their photos and look for posts promoting past and upcoming events for a glimpse into life as a resident.

4. Connect With Neighbors

While you’re at it, keep an eye out for any user-generated posts (i.e., photos that residents or visitors post to the community’s accounts). Take it a step further and search for the property name in the search tab to see all of the posts users may have taken and shared from that location. You might be able to see who some of your future neighbors could be and what interests you might share, plus you’ll get a more organic, less curated look into the building and apartments themselves than what you might find on the property’s website.

5. Learn About Your New Locale

A bonus benefit of spending some time checking out an apartment community on social media is the possibility of getting to know the location a little better. Apartment communities often have a relationship with other businesses in the area, plus they want to show off what makes their neighborhood better than the next. You could get the inside scoop on the amazing coffee shop with free Wi-Fi that just opened across the street or learn about the free weekly outdoor movie screenings in the park down the block.

While an apartment community doesn’t have to have a strong presence on social media to be a fun place to live, taking the time to scope out their accounts can help make the final decision when choosing the right fit for you.