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Adapt Your Home for Elderly Parents with a Home Safety Checklist

Earlier this year, my 84-year-old mother slipped and fell. Her accidental fall left her with a broken pelvis – and me with the realization that my aging mother could simply no longer care for herself at home. When we made the tough decision for her to move in with my family, I knew that our current home – with its second-floor guest bedroom and narrow stairs – would need to be changed.

According to, about 44 million Americans provide 37 billion hours of unpaid, “informal” care each year for adult family members and friends. While everyone’s situation is different, we all face a shared challenge of adapting our homes for an elderly parent.

If you are preparing to care for an elderly parent in your home, you may need to modify your house to meet her mobility needs and to reduce her risk of falling. Consider the following safety checklist to help adapt your home to senior-specific home safety.

Main Entrance

Bathroom Safety

Stair Safety

Living Space Safety

Kitchen Safety

Caring for an elderly parent at home? Tell us — how did you prepare your house for your parent’s arrival?

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