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Stories by Brendan

Slideshow: Great Lakes Boating Hot Spots

Aug 22, 2017

With boating season in full swing, it’s time to get out on the water, and a great place to do that is on the Great Lakes, says Konnie LeMay, editor of Lake Superior Magazine. “Each Great Lake has its own attractions,” LeMay notes. “The locks and canals along the way present intriguing stops, and for boaters, the […]

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8 Tips for Flying With Your Dog or Cat

Aug 21, 2017

For many animal lovers, it’s hard to imagine a family vacation without your four-legged friend. Preparation is extremely important — and is usually overlooked, says Jaclyn Rosenberg, marketing communications coordinator for the companion animals department at The Humane Society of the United States.  To help avoid this mistake, consider these eight tips to help ensure your air travel goes smoothly for […]

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7 Tips for Buying a Used ATV

Aug 14, 2017

If you’re an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) enthusiast on a budget, buying a used ATV may be your best option. But you should do your due diligence before you make a purchase. Here are seven tips to consider as you begin your search for a used ATV: 1. Know What You Want to Buy “Do a lot of […]

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Moonroof vs. Sunroof: What Are the Differences?

Aug 1, 2017

A sunroof is generally any kind of panel on the roof of a car that permits light, air or both to come into a vehicle, according to Kelley Blue Book (KBB). A moonroof is considered a type of sunroof, but the main difference is a moonroof usually has a tinted glass panel, much like an extra window on top […]

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Before You Drive Off: Consult This Rental Car Checklist

Jul 31, 2017

When you rent a car, you should become familiar with all aspects of the vehicle before you leave the lot. Here are 10 things to check before you drive off: Start the Car Turn on the Air Conditioning or Heat Look in the Glove Compartment Check the Gas Gauge Familiarize Yourself with Safety Features Inspect […]

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What to Do If Your Brakes Go Out

Jul 26, 2017

Noticing your brakes have failed while driving can be a shocking experience. While you hope it never happens to you, prepare yourself for such a situation by familiarizing yourself with some tips to help you stop as safely as possible. Don’t Panic A clear head can be your ally behind the wheel, especially when things […]

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New Outdoor Gear for Campers

Jul 17, 2017

If you’re a roadtripper who likes to camp along the way, you probably know what a difference good camping gear can make. Whether you’re on the hunt for some cool new gear or just like to keep up with the latest trends, here’s what two experienced campers (David Brown of the America Outdoors Association and Joe […]

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RV Bad Habits: Are You Making These Common Maintenance Mistakes?

Jun 19, 2017

Admit it, recreational vehicle owners: You may have begun a road trip without doing a pre-trip check of your vehicle inside and out. It’s a common mistake when you’re itching to get moving. This, and other bad habits, may lead to repair bills down the road. Here are some common RV bad habits, along with tips […]

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How to Check Your Home After a Tornado Strike

Jun 13, 2017

Tornadoes are more than just swirling wind. They can obviously be dangerous for people, but can also cause devastating damage to cars, homes, commercial buildings and even entire communities. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), there were 1,059 tornadoes in 2016, down 16 percent from the 1,259 in the previous year. Once the wind has died […]

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5 Tips to Help You Find Your Dog

Jun 5, 2017

Can’t find your furry friend? Don’t despair. Here’s how to plan your search and get the word out quickly to others: 1. Pound the Pavement Immediately “Sometimes people think their dog will come home on its own, and they wait too long to start searching,” says Vicki Stevens of The Humane Society of the United States. […]

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