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The Allstate Blog Team

The Allstate Blog Team

Stories by The Allstate Blog Team

How to Deal with Foggy Windows

Feb 20, 2018

No matter what the climate is like where you live, keeping the temperature comfortable inside your car may mean battling foggy windows. If you live in a climate with cold winters, you’re often using the heater to stay warm in your car, which can result in fog on the inside of your windows. In warm, humid areas, turning on the […]

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Does Living Near The Ocean Affect Your Car?

Feb 15, 2018

Living near the ocean can offer a lot of perks. You get the cool ocean breeze, the calming sound of the waves and beautiful views of the sparkling sea. But, while life along the coast may seem ideal, it may not be easy on your car. In fact, certain environmental factors present in coastal locations may cause or accelerate vehicle […]

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Visiting Phoenix? Consider These Excursions Off the Light Rail

Feb 13, 2018

In New York, the subway is the popular mode of public transportation. In Boston, it’s the “T,” and in Los Angeles, riders jump on the Metro. Nearly every established city in the country has a public transit system used by thousands of people every day— and Phoenix is no different. More than 49,000 people use the Phoenix Metropolitan Light Rail System on […]

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8 Kid-Friendly Activities in Las Vegas

Jan 30, 2018

Las Vegas may be known as an adult playground filled with lights, glitz and glamour, but there are a surprising number of activities for families with children. Here’s a look at some kid-friendly places to visit. Close to the Strip M&M’s World, where you can personalize your M&M’s and view 3-D movies, is located next door […]

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Quiz: Test Your Chicago Street Smarts

Jan 23, 2018

The Windy City is known for Michigan Avenue and the breathtaking Lake Shore Drive, but how well do you know the other streets in Chicago? Find out with this quiz: Originally published September 2013.

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10 Must-See Places On and Near the Las Vegas Strip

Jan 17, 2018

Las Vegas is one of the most visited cities in the United States, with more than 41 million visitors each year, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. Whether you are looking to take a road trip or hop on a plane for a long weekend, there are plenty of attractions to see both in […]

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How to Safely Use a Remote Car Starter

Jan 16, 2018

Remote car starters can be convenient, especially on really cold or hot days. You can use them to heat up or cool off your car before you get into it, so you can have a more pleasant ride. But, factors like theft, accidental starting and fumes may all be worries if you aren’t familiar with these devices. […]

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How to Jump Start a Car: Tips and Ideas

Jan 9, 2018

As a teenager, I was lucky enough to have my own car — a 1988 burgundy Pontiac 6000 STE. It was very reliable — until I left the headlights on for about seven hours straight while I was at school. After classes ended that day, I hustled out to my car, turned the key in the ignition and … […]

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5 Car Maintenance Myths Debunked

Jan 2, 2018

As a car owner, you’ve likely heard different things about maintaining your vehicle, whether it’s how often you need service, to the best way to use your air conditioning. But that conventional wisdom may not always be correct. Here are five common car maintenance myths, and the truths behind them. Myth #1: Transmission fluid should be […]

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Why Objects in Your Sideview Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Dec 28, 2017

Anyone who has glanced in a vehicle’s sideview mirror should be familiar with this message: “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” But did you ever wonder why that’s the case? The answer comes down to physics. Here’s a brief rundown on the science behind sideview mirrors, along with tips on how to use […]

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