Charlie Webb, Allstate Agent

Charlie Webb is an Allstate Insurance agent based in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Stories by Charlie Webb, Allstate Agent

My First Apartment: Renting in the Real World

May 1, 2014

Your first apartment is a pretty big deal. Yes, moving into the dorms when you start college is a heady experience, but nothing quite compares to signing your first lease, pocketing the keys and walking into an empty space that’s yours to transform into a real home — no more shared bathrooms, no dining halls, […]

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How I Learned to Change a Tire

Mar 21, 2014

Kids growing up in rural Midwestern towns with a lot of gravel roads develop a certain proficiency at changing tires. You tend to get really, really good at it at a young age, particularly if you’re a kid like I was. My parents ran the local livestock auction in Leon, Iowa, and we used an […]

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My First Car: 1959 International Pickup Truck

Jan 15, 2014

I’m sure plenty of teenagers daydream about browsing a car dealer’s showroom with their parents and selecting the perfect car for high school, summer jobs and first dates. They imagine the shiny paint job, the untouched wheel, the new-car smell. And they can almost feel the thrill of taking the keys in hand and roaring […]

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