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7 Ways to Be An All-Star Chicago Landlord

Apr 8, 2014

Owning a home cheaper than renting one in all of the country’s 100 largest metro areas, including Chicago, according to Trulia. In its report, it’s 42 percent cheaper to buy in Chicago than to rent, compared to 9 percent cheaper in San Francisco and 65 percent cheaper in Detroit. It is important to note that […]

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Can You Raise Backyard Chickens in Chicago? The ‘Burbs?

Mar 26, 2014

Chicago is putting the “Chi” in chicken. The urban agriculture movement — including raising backyard chickens — is a trend that hasn’t slipped past Chicagoans. “There is definitely growing interest in raising chickens in Chicago,” says Jennifer Murtoff of Home to Roost, who works as an urban chicken consultant for about 400 Chicago families. There seems to […]

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Decoding Your City Dog’s Behavior

Mar 14, 2014

Chicago is well-suited for dog lovers, with dog-friendly beaches, plenty of walkable green space and strong anti-cruelty organizations. But apartment and condo living can make for tight quarters for our pooches. We spoke to the experts at PAWS Chicago—the Midwest’s largest no kill humane organization—to sort out the best approaches to understanding and preventing any problems […]

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We’re Not Done Yet! A Guide to Snow Routes and Plowing in Chicago

Mar 11, 2014

March has come in like a lion — and although spring is technically less than two weeks away, it looks like winter isn’t done with Chicago yet. Forecasters are predicting several inches of snow for the Chicagoland area by Wednesday morning. When you were a kid, a fresh snowfall was a thing of wonder, a blanket of […]

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5 Tips for Researching New Neighborhoods in Chicago

Mar 6, 2014

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods and has about 77 total neighborhoods, according to the City of Chicago. With such large numbers, it’s nearly impossible to know the ins-and-outs of each one. Matthew D. Walton, owner of Chicago real estate agency Current Properties, filled us in on the advice you’ll need if you’re thinking about […]

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Space Heater Safety Tips for Your Apartment

Feb 20, 2014

Photo courtesy of Paul.Carroll via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 It has been crazy cold in Chicago this winter. How cold? The coldest winter in at least 30 years. Cold enough for the phrase “polar vortex” to enter everyday conversations. Cold enough that you probably braved your apartment building’s storage area weeks ago to pull out […]

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Safe Driving Tips for Chicago Teens

Feb 20, 2014

The freedom of the open road—teens can’t wait for it, but most of the time, parents can. With our traffic and crazy weather, Chicago streets can be dangerous for an inexperienced driver. In fact, drivers ages 16-20 account for about 12 percent of accidents in Illinois, although the number of accidents involving drivers in that […]

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Chicago Tops Bedbug ‘Cities’ List: 5 Ways To Keep The Critters at Bay

Feb 13, 2014

For the second year in a row, Chicago has topped the list of cities with bedbug infestations, according to a just-released report by pest control company Orkin. The list ranks cities by the number of bedbug treatments the company performed there from January to December 2013. Los Angeles, Columbus, Ohio, Detroit, and Cincinnati round out the […]

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7 Steps to Combat Car Theft in Chicago

Jan 30, 2014

For many of us, our car is like a second home; we depend on it. So, it’s a good idea to take precautions to protect it from a break-in. Nationally, Illinois ranks No. 6 among states with the most vehicle thefts across the country, and odds for theft are highest in urban areas like Chicago, […]

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Before You Go: Steps to Keep Your Home Safe During a Winter Vacation

Jan 23, 2014

The snow has certainly been piling up in Chicago this year. And, for some people, that means it’s time for a getaway to someplace warm and snow-free. Before you go away, though, remember to take some simple steps to protect your home from the elements and from thieves. After all, nothing will put a quicker […]

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