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The Allstate Blog Team

The Allstate Blog Team

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Make Moving Day Less Maddening [part 2]

Nov 25, 2011

[continued from part 1] Most people are simply under prepared and overwhelmed for moving day. There are many things to juggle when you move, but hopefully these tips will help keep you sane: #3 Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Are you one of many that find moving maddening? It certainly can be if […]

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Make Moving Day Less Maddening [part 1]

Nov 23, 2011

Is moving maddening? It has been for me in the past but it also has turned into something oddly fun. I have moved to new towns, moved into a dorm, moved into apartments, and even moved a few businesses. Prior planning has always made the difference between the “piece of cake” and the disastrous. When […]

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5 Safe Driving Tips for Deer Season

Nov 17, 2011

Some people count the days until summer vacation. But every summer, I count the days until November—the start of buck hunting season. While my wife wishes I’d take up a safer hobby—croquet, maybe—my buddies and I know how to stay protected in the brush. We also keep our senses on high alert when we hit […]

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5 Tips to Finding the Right Senior Living Community

Jul 6, 2011

Soon-to-be seniors searching for retirement homes may have trouble knowing where to start. Though many communities promote the fun side of senior living—game nights, shopping trips and, in some cases, on-site spas—there are serious considerations to make when choosing where to spend your retirement years, or when helping a parent decide where to spend theirs. […]

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‘Black Box’ Recorders May Become Mandatory in New Vehicles

Jun 10, 2011

Dozens of airplane crashes have occurred over the years that have left many questions. While some of these incidents remain shrouded in mystery, the planes’ flight data recorders have helped investigators put together bits of information they wouldn’t have had otherwise. After years of attempts, it appears the automobile version of the flight data recorder […]

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Lease or Buy? That is the Question

May 24, 2011

You’re at a roadblock in your adult life: you can’t decide whether to purchase or lease a car. It’s a familiar scenario these days. Leasing is on the rise—more than one in four consumers now lease their ride in the U.S. While it may be tempting to take advantage of new options such as shorter […]

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Finding the Right Apartment

May 23, 2011

Searching for a new apartment is an exciting process—but it can also be incredibly stressful. Sure, we all want a place that has enough space to fit all of our stuff, but there are some other important questions to consider before making the big move. Looking at a prospective apartment online or in a renters […]

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