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The Allstate Blog Team

The Allstate Blog Team

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Maximize Space on Your RV

Sep 7, 2018

Owning an RV is a great way to get out and explore the country, but it may also come with challenges such as learning to live in tight quarters — sometimes in a space that’s a mere 8 feet long. For many, the benefits of exploring open road outweigh the challenges posed by space constraints. According to […]

Baby Safety Month: 4 Not-So-Obvious Safety Tips

Aug 30, 2018

Safety is a top priority as a parent. You read books, ask for advice and buy baby-proofing products. But what about the hazards you may not know about? According to the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, September is Baby Safety Month, and with that should come greater awareness of some lesser-known possible risks and potential dangers […]

Tips on Selling Your Home

Aug 28, 2018

You want to sell your place, but you might not be sure where to start when it comes to listing your home and attracting potential buyers. Don’t just put the sign out on the front lawn and hope for the best. There are several ways to help make your place more appealing to prospective buyers […]

Staging Your Home to Sell

Aug 23, 2018

Home staging can be a seller’s secret weapon for a successful home sale. Staging allows you to highlight your home’s strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to the widest possible pool of buyers. Whether you’re a first-time home seller or a seasoned pro, follow these staging tips to help solve simple selling problems and showcase […]