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The Allstate Blog Team

The Allstate Blog Team

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Household Items That Can Be Dangerous to Pets

Apr 20, 2018

There’s more to being a pet owner than keeping your furry friend up to date on rabies shots and providing healthy food and treats. Did you know that the screens in your windows and even some plants in your garden may pose a hazard to your pet? Help keep your pet safe in your home […]

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5 Ways to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

Apr 19, 2018

If your house or apartment is on the smaller side, you are not alone. Living in small spaces, like tiny houses and micro apartments, has actually become more common. Regardless of whether you are living in a small space by choice or by necessity, Khoi Vo with the American Society of Interior Designers offered the […]

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How to Drive a Stick Shift Car

Apr 18, 2018

More than 90 percent of new cars are sold with an automatic transmission, according to Car Talk, so driving a car with a manual transmission — a stick shift car — may not be something you’ve ever learned. Once you understand the basics of a manual transmission, though, driving stick can be a lot of […]

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Daylight Saving Time: 6 Important Tasks Beyond Changing Your Clocks

Feb 23, 2018

It may not feel like it after a long winter, but spring is approaching, along with one of the annual rites of the season. At 2 a.m. on a Sunday each March, daylight saving begins and clocks throughout the United States will be set forward by one hour (except in Hawaii, Arizona, and some overseas […]

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How to Change a Flat Tire

Feb 2, 2018

Changing a flat tire can certainly be an inconvenience, but it’s also manageable if you’re prepared with the right tools and know-how. Fixing a flat is something every driver should know how to do. Knowing these basic steps can help you get back on the road and potentially avoid an emergency. Put Wheel Wedges in Place Remove […]

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Tips for Staying on Your Budget This Valentine’s Day

Feb 1, 2018

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s hard to not get caught up in the flood of red and pink hearts. While dreams of an exotic trip, fancy dinner and brand-new diamonds are fun, having the funds or free time to accommodate such extravagant gifts may not be reality. Here are a few ways […]

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