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The Allstate Blog Team

The Allstate Blog Team

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Living Large, Spending Small: Tricking Out Your First Apartment on a Budget

Jan 10, 2013

I’m done with college and officially a member of the real world. I have a job and a new apartment. I’m feeling safe and secure from those real-world risks with a new renters insurance policy for my apartment. Now, I just need some new stuff that’s worth insuring. I want my new pad to be a cool, […]

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5 Tips to Manage Student Loan Debt

Dec 26, 2012

College was a great time in my life – but as the excitement of graduation neared, my student loan debt loomed. I owed tens of thousands of dollars for my education; would I be able to afford to pay a monthly bill of hundreds of dollars each month? Would I ever be able to pay […]

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Is Your Gas Cap on the Left or the Right?

Aug 27, 2012

Last week while driving a rental car, I pulled up at a gas station and experienced the dreaded “Oh no!” moment: I had no idea on which side of my car the gas cap was located. If you’re like me, the initial “Oh no!” is followed by a few moments of awkwardly craning your neck […]

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Tips on Sharing Expenses with a Roommate

Jun 4, 2012

With our college days firmly behind us, many of my friends are moving from rowdy, shared houses to quiet apartments of their own. But I’ve lived with roommates since my dorm days and at this point in my life, wouldn’t have it any other way. Who else would sit with me through three-hour marathons of […]

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Enjoy the Holidays Away from Home

Dec 20, 2011

The holidays are supposed to be the “most wonderful time of the year,” filled with family get-togethers and never-ending sugar buzzes. So when last year’s work schedule kept me away from home during the holidays, I thought I’d spend weeks moping around Grinch-style. But instead, I decided to make the best of my situation. With […]

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Spruce Up Your Apartment on a Budget

Dec 1, 2011

Since starting my first full-time job, all I want to do at the end of the day is relax on my couch and enjoy the peace of my apartment. But when I moved into my own place earlier this year, my surroundings felt anything but serene: The walls were bare and my furniture was a […]

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Welcome Back! The Art of Moving Back Home After College

Nov 16, 2011

Standing in the ranks on graduation day, I felt like I was the only one shaking in my cap and gown. Yet, I soon found out I wasn’t alone—searching for a job while struggling to pay rent is a scary prospect for pretty much everyone. While I went straight from the classroom to a cubicle […]

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Tips for Extending the Life of Your Not-So-New Car

Nov 2, 2011

Clunk! Clunk! Clunk! That was the sound I dreaded hearing most on the highway, and the moment I heard it, I scanned the road for an accident ahead. Then it dawned on me: The noise was coming from my car. It wasn’t the ideal time for my old car to give out—I was hours from […]

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Keep Your Stuff Safe on Campus

Sep 19, 2011

Though I graduated from college a couple years ago, my college roommates and I are still crazy close. (After all, we did survive the school cafeteria together.) During our days of dorm living, we shared everything—from clothes and class notes to the latest juicy gossip. But with so many people in such a tiny living […]

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