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Nicole Markle produces auto, financial, motorcycle, small business and identity restoration content for's Tools & Resources section.

Stories by Nicole Markle

Ahead of the Storm: Printable Hurricane Prep Guide

May 5, 2017

Getting your home and your family ready for hurricane season isn’t as easy as just boarding up the windows and taking off. Use our printable hurricane prep guide to help make sure you and your family are protected if your home is threatened by a hurricane. Originally published September 2014.

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INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Hurricane Hazards and How to Prepare for Them

May 5, 2017

Hurricanes are dangerous storms with a series of hazards that can have an impact long after the winds die down. Here’s a look at five hurricane-related hazards and how you can help protect your family and property against them. Originally published September 2014.

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3 Ways to Prioritize Debt and Save Money in Your 20s

Aug 26, 2015

In the early years of your adult life, debt can add up quickly. From paying back student loans to buying a car to purchasing a home, expenses may add up to more than you have in your checking or savings account. For this reason, some people turn to credit cards. Credit card debt is a […]

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Ways to ‘Flex’ Your Company’s Business Hours

Aug 25, 2015

If your small business keeps traditional business hours, it might be time to rethink your approach. Customers — particularly younger Millennial clients — increasingly expect to be able to engage with you on their schedule. “For that, you can thank the Internet and the proliferation of the ‘always-on economy,’” says Andy Birol, who coaches private and family […]

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Does Vegetable Gardening Have a Financial Benefit?

Aug 5, 2015

Growing your own vegetables can give you access to fresh, local produce right in your backyard — but can it help you save money on your grocery bill? According to a report by the National Gardening Association, 54 percent of food gardeners said they grow produce to save money on food bills. If you’re ready to unleash […]

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7 Simple Ways to Organize Your Home Filing System

Jul 15, 2015

Your emailed receipts are saved on your computer. The bank statements you get by mail are haphazardly tossed into a desk drawer. Your car insurance policy is buried somewhere in a box. Sound familiar? If so, it may be time to spiff up your financial records organization system just a bit. The good news: “A bit” may be […]

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4 Ways To Foster Workplace Wellness

Jun 24, 2015

Having healthy employees not only makes for a happier workplace, it’s also a smart way to run a business. After all, healthy employees use fewer medical and mental health services — and that could help save your company money. “Our research shows that 67 percent of employers cite ‘employees’ poor health habits’ as one of the […]

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Easy, Natural Ways to Keep Bugs Away From Your Yard

Jun 23, 2015

Gathering with friends and family for barbecues and backyard parties is a hallmark of summer. But the summer doesn’t just bring people out — it also brings out pesky little bugs. If mosquitoes, flies, ants or other annoying insects are hindering your backyard fun, try these easy, DIY bug repellent ideas. Preventive Measures One of the […]

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Green Practices That Make Financial Sense For Your Business

Jun 17, 2015

If you’re thinking of implementing “green” practices in your small business, it’s natural to want to make sure they’re cost-effective. After all, the point of running your own small business is to make money. Fortunately, you may not have to choose between going green and bringing in the green. These days, many environmentally friendly strategies can […]

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4 Summer Odd Jobs for Young Teens

Jun 16, 2015

School’s out, and long summer days are ahead. While older teens often work seasonal jobs this time of year, now may be a good time for your 14- or 15-year-old to consider doing odd jobs for family friends and neighbors. Parenting expert Tim Elmore says gaining work experience is a good way to help your young teen […]

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