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Sarah Katz, Apartments.com

Sarah Katz, Apartments.com

Stories by Sarah Katz, Apartments.com

Shoveling Snow: Who’s Responsible, the Renter or the Landlord?

Nov 8, 2017

Winter is here, which means for some renters the return of snow and ice. And while renters might assume that the landlord is responsible for shoveling snow and other winter weather maintenance, that’s not necessarily true. As a renter, the responsibility for snow removal varies depending on your location and the agreement you’ve entered into […]

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Renter Mentor: Tips For Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Nov 20, 2013

When you rent an apartment, you often have to put down a security deposit — in many cases, a month’s rent — with the understanding that it may be refunded to you when you move out. But, will you ever see that money again? There are several reasons your landlord can hang on to your […]

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Renter Mentor: No Heat, No Power…Now What?

Nov 14, 2013

Every year, various parts of the country are hit with big storms, be they tornadoes, hurricanes or blizzards. Last October, the East Coast was hit by one of the worst storms in U.S. history: Sandy. According to the Huffington Post, Sandy was the second-costliest storm, and at its peak, more than 7.9 million people were without power across the Mid-Atlantic states and New England, […]

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Renter Mentor: Regarding Damages to Appliances

Nov 7, 2013

Renting a home perfectly fits the lifestyle of some. Instead of assuming the responsibilities of home ownership, like mortgage payments and property taxes, as a tenant — a renter — you’re generally not financially responsible for the structure you live in. However, as those of us who have rented homes before know, at the end of the lease, […]

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