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Should You Stage Your Refrigerator When Selling Your Home?

Sep 30, 2013

“We need to do something about that.” Judy O’Brien, my real estate agent, thoughtfully considered my refrigerator. Covered in photos and postcards attached with my quirky-or so I thought-magnet collection, it was almost impossible to discern the stainless steel finish. Then Judy opened the refrigerator door, and shook her head. “And that, too,” she announced, […]

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Thinking About Early Retirement? A Few Things to Consider

Jan 24, 2013

Early retirement isn’t for everyone. But for those who do dream of it, it’s an idea that sounds very enticing. If you’re thinking that you’d rather not spend your sunset years toiling away at a 9-5 job, you have options. Just don’t give your notice until you’ve considered some of the following factors involved in […]

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Adapt Your Home for Elderly Parents with a Home Safety Checklist

Jan 22, 2013

Earlier this year, my 84-year-old mother slipped and fell. Her accidental fall left her with a broken pelvis – and me with the realization that my aging mother could simply no longer care for herself at home. When we made the tough decision for her to move in with my family, I knew that our […]

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How to Go to College for Less

Jan 15, 2013

Outside-the-box strategies for saving money on college. As the mother of two teenagers, news of rapidly increasing college tuition and the threat of high interest rates on student loans have me thinking about how to afford to pay for their education. Juggling the costs of a mortgage, a car payment, the needs of two growing […]

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Hoarders or Just Messy? Reclaim Your Kid’s Room with These Tips

Sep 19, 2012

Dead spiders. Cicada carcasses. colorful leaves and rocks. My 10-year old nephew’s bedroom is filled with these “treasures” he collects while exploring the woods behind his family’s country home. His closet is stuffed with Matchbox cars, Star Wars action figures, assorted Lego blocks and Harry Potter paraphernalia. Then, there’s his ever-growing collection of Xbox games […]

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Safety Tips for Your Backyard Deck

Jun 19, 2012

Part of the fun of summertime is the ability to use your outdoor deck for barbecues, eating al fresco or simply enjoying the warm weather. Before you and your family set up camp out back, take a moment  to give your deck a once-over, to help make sure your summer celebrations are as safe as possible. You […]

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