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Mary Boone, Zillow

Mary Boone, Zillow

Stories by Mary Boone, Zillow

Buying a Foreclosure: 5 Dos to Start Off on the Right Foot

Sep 24, 2012

At first glance, foreclosed properties appear to be the kind of bargains you simply can’t pass up. For some, it’s true: Buying a foreclosure can be a terrific investment opportunity. But beware; there often are a number of challenges along the way. These five “dos” should get you on the right track as you begin […]

5 Things to Know About a Neighborhood Before You Buy a Home

Aug 1, 2012

You just bought the cutest house in the quietest neighborhood — or so you thought. Unfortunately, you did your house hunting in the winter, and now that the weather has warmed up you’re realizing the street is populated with teenagers who blast music through open windows and dozens of kids who routinely race their bikes […]